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Self-Help Programmes

From her wealth of knowledge, Jessica has created The Six-Step Cleanse and 30-Day Gut Repair protocols that have been proven to naturally aid the body in repairing, regenerating and recovering from disease. 

Her programmes have been developed for you to seamlessly follow step-by-step.

(You can find both below).

The Six-Step Cleanse

The Six-Step Cleanse is a 63-page e-book that aims to teach you the fundamental basics of digestion, our microbiome and the microbiota-gut-brain axis. 

After explaining these concepts to you, Jessica dives into her Six-Step Cleanse protocol, in which you will learn how to implement change and heal your body using natural and holistic methods. 

The Six-Step Cleanse includes unique recipes, recommended nutraceuticals and highly formulated procedures guaranteed to give results. Jessica focuses on using ancient techniques such as fasting and enemas. Each minute step of the protocol is robustly presented with rationale and scientific references. 


Jessica also shares with you her own story, in which she overcame her own health issues, which she experienced after the tragic suicide of her mother back in 2019. 

Lastly, Jessica goes on to explain the mind and how to tap into your innate healing energy, release negative emotions and escape the matrix. She documents the core mental exercises she used to heal and explains in terms of quantum physics how anything really is possible. Her goal is to educate, inspire and turn her pain into passion and love. 


A snapshot of some of the content within the e-book.

You will learn:

  • Why Hippocrates more than 2,000 years ago stated "All disease begins in the gut".

  • Why modern-day science is only beginning to understand that our gut health is a critical pillar to our overall wellbeing. 

  • How an unhealthy gut contributes to a wide range of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. 

  • The anatomy of the human gastrointestinal tract.

  • That our gut houses around ~75% of our immune cells.

  • How the microbiome, a unique microbial ecosystem call that resides in our gut, influences our overall health.

  • The concept known as the microbiota-gut-brain axis. 

  • Leaky gut syndrome.

  • How to heal your body, remove all toxins from your diet, maximise your digestive capacity and treat any intestinal pathogens that may be present. 

  • How to repair your intestinal barrier and fix your leaky gut. 

  • To prepare your body for an ultra-cleanse, where heavy metals and debris that have been in the system for years are eliminated. 

  • How to use the ancient technique of fasting to heal. 

  • How to control your thoughts, and thus control your beliefs and shape your reality. 

  • Why your trapped emotions manifest as health conditions. 

  • By the laws of quantum physics, you can reprogram your cells, tissues and organs to vibrate at a coherent frequency. 

  • Key mental exercises that can change your whole life trajectory. 

  • How biohacking can change your life

This cleanse is a tool for life.

You can repeat this cleanse every year, or just when you feel run down and are in need of a change. It's up to you.

But just know that this protocol will give you lifelong transferrable skills.

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