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Professor Pedro Barata On Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, The Microbiome and Gut-Brain Axis.

Professor Pedro Barata (MD, PharmD; MBA; MSc; PhD) discusses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, The Microbiome, Gut-Brain Axis and How Crypto/VR/AI & The Metaverse Will Influence The Future of Healthcare with Jessica.

Professor Pedro Barata (MD, PharmD, MSc, MBA, PhD) is an expert clinical researcher with his own hospital-grade multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy lab based in Porto, Portugal.

When he is not lecturing at top worldwide universities, Pedro focuses on the influence of microbiota on health and disease, optimization of therapeutics and development of new medical devices and pharmaceutical dosage systems.

Prof Barata is also a passionate free thinker and uses his fantastic mind plus data-backed science to aid the decriminalisation of cannabis. Most recently, Pedro and his colleagues demonstrated the virucide effectiveness of CBD and terpene-based formulations in their paper Cannabidiol and Terpene Formulation Reducing SARS-CoV-2 Infectivity Tackling a Therapeutic Strategy.

Pedro and Jessica became acquainted through their belief in the novel biotech known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and the future of microbiome-based pharmaceuticals.

In this podcast, you can learn so much from Pedro and his way of understanding:

  • Pedro explains to Jessica the aim of his HBOT lab and how he is predominately focusing on non-cosmetic anti-ageing benefits of HBOT, such as telomere lengthening.

  • Additionally, Pedro is working on Hyperbaric Medicine for stroke and Alzheimer's and whether HBOT can halt, enhance recovery or delay disease.

  • Prof Barata also discusses how he is harnessing the power of HBOT to influence our microbiome positively and to understand if using oxygen can shift our microbiota.

The Wellness Lab is so excited for Pedro to visit in April when he is visiting London to lecture at King's College London on regulatory affairs and medical devices.

Lastly, Pedro comments upon crypto, AI, VR and the metaverse and how these innovations will impact the healthcare system:

  • "AI is already here; We're using it. It will help us understand our patients better."

  • "I'm absolutely fascinated by all the research of AI."

  • Prof Barata hopes to develop his own NFT collection based on biological tumour cells.

  • "If you have data, you can go to a virtual consultation."

Podcast Link Here


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Hello there, I'm Jessica Alana.

By trade, I'm a biomedical scientist with a passion for holistic and natural healthcare.

My aim is to bridge the gap between alternative medicine and data-backed science and use this knowledge to help you self-heal and thrive.

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