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Jessica & Teemu Arina Speak Longevity, Their Friendship & The Future!

Jessica is so lucky and grateful to have Teemu Arina, the world's best biohacker, on her podcast today to discuss his longevity hacks, and why he values healthspan over lifespan.

Teemu has been credited for his wealth of knowledge numerous times and is well known as a global biohacking icon, always ranked in the top five world biohackers.

Teemu is CEO and co-founder of Biohacker Center, Biohackers Summit and Biohackers Retreat. He is also co-author of probably the best biohacking book you can get whether you are a beginner or expert, named The Biohackers Handbook - in fact, this book is sitting on my coffee table right now!

Teemu and his team have also written a new book called The Resilient Being, which is available for pre-order. I can't wait to get mine.

In this podcast, Jessica and Teemu also discuss their friendship and how they became acquainted. They also discuss the future together, and how Jessica is going to be a key speaker at the 2022 Finish Biohackers Summit in June! Be sure to get your ticket, it is Europe's best and largest biohacking event this year.

Podcast Link Here


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Hello there, I'm Jessica Alana.

By trade, I'm a biomedical scientist with a passion for holistic and natural healthcare.

My aim is to bridge the gap between alternative medicine and data-backed science and use this knowledge to help you self-heal and thrive.

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