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Mind Valley 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia by Jessica Alana Sadd


So, of course, being in the wellness space, I had heard of Mind Valley and Vishen.

My journey with Mind Valley began when my dear friend Teemu Arina invited me to support his presentation, where he was creating three biohacked morning drinks:

  • Matcha

  • Organ meat coffee

  • Cacao

Intuitively, I knew I had to jump on the plane to Tallinn, Estonia and be a part of the experience.

After helping Teemu with his presentation, he and I watched Vishen's speech. Well, this speech was so powerful.

Vishen took us through his unique Six Phase Meditation protocol, which involved a highly visual experience.

Together, the whole room envisioned our timelines. Our current 'now'.

Then, we pictured ten 'negative' experiences. These ten 'negative' experiences could be a time when someone hurt us or we hurt someone.

After remembering such, Vishen asked us to turn these memories black and white and shrink them down to place them back into our timelines as minuscule points in our life.

The point is that these experiences no longer mattered to us and were a thing of the past that could no longer affect our 'now' and future.

Vishen then asked us to picture ten glorious moments in our past. Ten moments that made us feel joy. After fantasising about these memories, Vishen then asked us to paint these memories golden and blow them up, so the memories are super large and shining.

We then placed these memories back into our timeline with grace, knowing that these are the true memories that imprinted our lives today.

The best part was concocting ten goals for our future and topping these goals off with a star. Once we had decided on these ten goals, Vishen asked us to picture our future timeline and drop these starred goals into our future with the deepest knowing that these dreams will come true.

It was a truly glorious activity and one I will never forget.

Thank you, Vishen and the Mind Valley team!


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Hello there, I'm Jessica Alana.

By trade, I'm a biomedical scientist with a passion for holistic and natural healthcare.

My aim is to bridge the gap between alternative medicine and data-backed science and use this knowledge to help you self-heal and thrive.

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