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Harness The Power of Nature To Restore Your Health.

Integrative and holistic natural medicine grounded in science.

Jessica specialises in holistic healthcare and getting to the root of chronic and complex conditions to eliminate the cause - welcome to a different approach 

Based upon scientific rationale and personalised data, Jessica's coaching encompasses a range of topics and acts upon individualised and specific health needs.

Step one is to quantify, and from this quantification, we can efficiently work together to improve and implement change. Our holistic plans are developed based on the results of medical testing. Each individual has an individualised medical and therapeutic plan which is constantly revised to assure the best results.

To address your concerns in the best way we will work together to investigate the genetic, biochemical and lifestyle factors that can affect disease progression. 

This programme will intervene in all areas that are affecting the patient's progress such as their physical, medical and emotional aspects of life.

Self-Help Protocols

Jessica has created multiple self-help protocols to guide you along your healing journey:

- The 30-Day Gut Repair £10

- The Six-Step Cleanse £20

Test & Analysis 

Individually recommended health and nutrition MOT testing based on your initial concerns.

Jessica will then analyse the results with you and advise you on the next steps during a one-time-only consultation.

Profile Only £150

Lab Results £350

1-1 Coaching

Work one-on-one with Jessica to overcome your health issues.  Jessica's support is here to help you overcome blocks to healing and thriving on a practical, mental and emotional level.

£1000 or 3 payments of £333

Book A Complimentary Consultation 

Kindly leave your details below with a brief outline of your concerns and Jessica will get back to you for a complimentary consultation.

Thank you!
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