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About Jessica

Jessica Alana is a scientist passionate about bridging the gap between alternative medicine and data-backed science.

In 2019, Jessica suffered an extremely traumatic event and lost faith in traditional medicine after witnessing a loved one drugged up and dumped from doctor to doctor. This, confounded by a deep knowing that the pharmaceutical industry thrives on us never finding the root cause of our ailments, sparked Jessica's journey into self-love, self-healing and self-help.

Being confident in scientific research and clinical data, she decided to compile her own knowledge and become an expert biohacker. 

Since then, Jessica has been accredited by key thought leaders within the health and wellness space and is a frequent contributor to publications and a highly sought-after speaker. Jessica's deep learning of the body's anatomy, physiology and concepts of disease gives great depth to understanding her client's needs. Jessica aims to inspire people with her own healing journey and an open mind. Jessica is an avid believer in plant-based medicines such as psychedelics and wishes to help people understand that these compounds were given to us as a gift from Mother Nature. 

Currently, Jessica specialises in novel regenerative biotechnology called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, where she works alongside London's most established HBOT clinic, The Wellness Lab. Together, she and The Wellness Lab aim to alleviate acute and chronic conditions by harnessing the power of oxygen under pressure. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a truly wonderful modality; Jessica and The Wellness Lab have seen remarkable results using HBOT in helping to alleviate numerous conditions such as autism, Alzheimer's and arthritis. 

Jessica believes that all diseases are multifaceted conditions accumulated by the insults of a modern-day lifestyle and have no singular cause. Together, Jessica would love to teach you how to optimise your physical health so you can begin to live a life free from disease. 

Via online, phone, e-mail and in-person consulting, Jessica can help people worldwide in health and longevity. She specialises in digestion and gut repair, regenerative and longevity medicine, psychedelics, post-traumatic stress disorder and spirituality. Jessica also works alongside world-famous biohackers and holds a plethora of knowledge within her network. Fundamentally, Jessica aims to unlock the innate healing energy and wisdom that already resides within you. 

Furthermore, after losing her mother to a long battle against mental health, Jessica hopes to coach people out of similar grief. Losing a loved one to suicide is an incredibly tragic event, and Jessica holds her heart open to anyone who would like to hold her hand whilst they try their best to recover from such devastation.


Jessica is proud of The Flow Within and aims to use her website to share her unique views and thoughts whilst spreading love and healing energy to anyone who visits. Jessica also hosts her Youtube channel, has featured on many podcasts, and has her writing featured in Men's Health and Biohacker's Magazine. In addition, Jessica is a routine speaker at the world's top biohacking summit hosted by Biohacking Center. 

Jessica Alana's mission is to help those who, like herself, desire to live a life full of freedom, hope, fulfilment and connection. To educate and inspire, and to transmute pain into passion and love. To wake up every day and be grateful for the life you have created for yourself and to look back and know you have helped the lives of many. 

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